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    Abby Garbark
    February 02, 2021

    Highly recommend! I have had significant improvement since starting my treatment here. Which was only a few a few weeks ago. I would get debilitating migraines and I haven’t been getting them. 2/2/21 Adding onto my existing review because it’s wasn’t letting me add a new one. I’m consistently blown away by the treatment I receive when coming into Dr. Nathan’s. The whole staff is incredible. I currently receive adjustments from Dr Thompson and massage therapy from Olga. Before finding Dr. Nathan’s I was having migraines everyday and having to take medicine constantly to now only getting migraines periodically. My list of injuries is long from dancing for more than 20 years and now surfing. Dr. Nathan’s and his staff have helped me with all my injuries and have helped me be able to function again. Thank you Dr. Nathan, Dr. Thompson, Jada, Don, Jared, and Olga for always showing up to help others. Seriously love this place and these people!

    Tricia Posluszny
    November 30, 2020

    Just had my 2nd session with soft wave stem cell regenerative therapy. I've noticed more mobility in my arm / shoulder with the first treatment it'll be interesting to see the effects of the second treatment in a day or two. I just had my second session a few hrs ago. Jared was very nice and informative he took the time to show me on a chart of what part of my shoulder/arm was being affected and how the machine will work beforehand .He also showed me some exercises to do to help keep my arm mobile ,stable and stronger .. Jared was very professional and the office was clean everybody was very nice. I would definitely recommend this chiropractors office. It was a very welcoming experience Thank you!

    Chris Thompson
    December 10, 2020

    Just completed my fourth Soft Wave treatment. I suffer from Osteoarthritis in both knees, the pain has progress to a point where it is effecting my daily life. Between lack of or poor sleep and the constant pain and instability when walking. The knee doctor keeps telling me to hold off on knee replacement for 5 to 10 years. If that was a consideration not sure I would last that long. I can see in the near future that just walking short distances will be at great effort. I found Dr Nathan’s info on Facebook about the Soft Wave treatment. I have heard from other people who tried the Soft Wave had very good results. For what I spent on pain pills, pain and joint creams and other over the counter treatments in a year’s time its about what it cost for the treatment on both knees. I felt that if it only reduce the pain for 6 months it would be well worth it. Well so far the pain has probably been reduced by 70%, I’m able to walk without a lot of pain and climbing stairs with ease. The quality of sleep is well worth it. I totally recommend this to anyone who suffers from joint pain. The treatments are short and with minor discomfort. The staff are extremely helpful and very friendly. I’ve seen a lot of their customers coming in and the all seem to be very happy with all the services they provide. I can not say this enough, it will be well worth your time and health to check them out.

    Laura Roesler
    January 23, 2021

    I have gone to see Dr. Nathans 3 times now. I am coming to see him specifically for the Soft Wave Therapy on my achilles and it is amazing! Everything this treatment claims to do, it does that and more. I walk out of the office pain-free in the areas I normally have constant pain and soreness. I have already seen great improvements in the days between my appointments with Dr. Nathans, having less soreness during the day and less pain and stiffness when I wake up in the morning. Dr. Nathans has truly been a game-changer for me!

    George Baker
    November 05, 2020

    It worked . What they do is find the sore spots or damaged areas and the machine targets them areas . It hurts a little bit when they first find them but after they run over them a couple of times the pain that you had when you came in disappears. Now that’s just the first visit they say it gets better and better. It’s been a few days since I have had it done and it still feels good but yea more sessions needs to be done. Now this is just my experience and I’m really hurt with two very bad knees that surgery want even help. So bottom line does it work I would say yea it works and I owe them nothing so me owning my own business I would tell y’all if it didn’t because there’s a lot of frauds out there. Just try it onetime and take the gamble and see for yourself. They are nice professional people and I will do it again. The main thing for me was the pain reduction and the mobility I had when I left the building. It was worth it. Thank you for listening and good luck.

    Alan Nathans Family Chiropractic

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