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    Ashlynn Anderson
    December 22, 2020

    Dr. Workman is amazing! I was scared for my first chiropractic adjustment but he made it easy and enjoyable. His masseuse Alisha is also great.

    Rebekah Compton
    November 10, 2019

    Dr. Brian Workman is an excellent chiropractor. He cares so much for his patients, and his adjustments always relieve any tension, pain, or pressure I might feel in my back or my shoulder or my elbow. He is an amazing healer. Before seeing him, I used Advil or creams to help with muscles or pain in my back or hip. I no longer need anything. I always feel better and breathe better after my appointments with him. He is also flexible and understanding with my hectic weekly schedule. I recommend him to all my friends, and they similarly have excellent experiences. I would hands down recommend him as the best!! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

    Jillian Lentz
    April 07, 2019

    From the initial phone call with Theresa to walking in and meeting Dr. Workman, the entire experience was one of the best I have ever had at a doctorโ€™s office. I am an avid chiropractic goer and because of my travel schedule, Iโ€™m forced to find people in new cities and Charleston was no exception! Dr. Workmanโ€™s vibe and energy were super calming and relaxing which made me feel at ease which made for an easier adjustment. My first adjustment went so well, I came back for round 2. The doctor took the time to answer all of my questions, I never felt rushed, and he was very patient with me. Theresa took the time to look up things and show me what I should see while visiting, so by the time my adjustment was done she had it all laid out for me! I would HIGHLY recommend this chiropractic office to everyone - Charlestonians and visitors alike!

    Mary O'Brien
    October 29, 2018

    Dr. Workman is personable, professional, and easily the best experience I have ever had in a doctor office environment. He genuinely cares about his patients and has been extremely flexible with me as I am a student at College of Charleston with a varying schedule. I will continue to recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractor in the Charleston area.

    Sonja Randall
    November 08, 2019

    I want to preface this review with, I own my error in that I brought this practice's paperwork to what I thought was my scheduled first appointment with a new chiropractor I found on social media and signed a consent form. However that is where my ownership ends. I again SCHEDULED an appointment for an initial consult with another area practice through a social media ad. When I arrived and provided paperwork, I advised Dr. Workman I was there for an appointment and then DURING the appointment, explained when he asked, that I found him on Social Media. To which he questioned, you found me on Instagram, I replied or Facebook can't remember and he replied, "Yeah, social media is popular right now." I was there approximately 40 minutes, as he saw "other" patients before taking me back for my session. Again he was CLEARLY the only person there and I was a new patient, so I thought since mine would take longer, this was the delay. When he did bring me back, he did do an intake. I explained in detail my previous medical issues to include that I have had a C4/5 fusion, my first rib has been removed due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and that I STILL have a portion of the blood clot in my subclavian vein on that side. I explained per my MRI in 2018, I have deterioration in my neck around the existing hardware put in with my fusion, I have increased arthritis, bone spurs and although I KNEW eventually surgery was my option, I am a triathlete and want to try chiropractic service and yoga to prolong surgery. I explained that I have noticed significant reduction in my range of motion and that my father has the same issue, so I want to NOT get to that point hence why I was there to try and salvage what I could and hopefully find some relief from my symptoms. Which again, I explained in GREAT DETAIL! Dr. Workman past reviewing the paperwork I provided, NEVER did a physical exam of any sort, no X-Rays, scans nothing. He does not do social media advertising, which he admitted to the Dr I had actually scheduled with when he called him! So although he can claim and I agree there was a misunderstanding, HE IS A DOCTOR! He runs his own practice BY HIMSELF. ETHICALLY - He KNEW I did not have an appointment and that he does not do social media advertising and yet STILL worked on me? Never said a word, never asked additional questions. After his adjustments, I advised him I felt lightheaded and had a slight headache before leaving and he said that could happen, I paid him and made an appointment for next week - WHICH I WILL NOT BE KEEPING - and left to find a voicemail from the CORRECT Chiropractors office, whose name is similar but longer than Dr. Workman's. I have no recourse outside of this review. I provided paperwork from his website and signed a consent. However, I feel violated in that again ethically as Dr and owner of a business, he could have and SHOULD HAVE asked additional questions and even told me he did not have me scheduled so I could have either stayed or left to go to where I actually made an appointment. Anything could have happened, no one really knew where I was outside of at Dr's appointment. Dr. Workman seems to get rave reviews on here. I think what he did is unethical, end of story. I will not be going back, I will NOT recommend him to ANYONE....EVER! I had the right to make an informed decision, which he took away from me. He could have gained a new patient had he been honest. In my opinion, his omission was not lying but it certainly was also not being truthful. He broke a sacred trust that a patient should have with a Dr. in a field that already doesn't always get a good rap. It's unfortunate and I wrote this review so that YOU TOO can make at least an informed decision, a right that was taken from me before you go to see this man.

    Charleston Chiropractic and Therapy, LLC

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