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    Meghan Danelle
    June 25, 2021

    Last year I came in with serious lower back pain. I was barely able to move. After a few visits I was feeling better. I have been going for almost a year now and I feel better than I did before my back pain started. I personally see Dr. Maggio or Dr. H but everyone there is amazing. The staff is very nice. They are also very understanding when you have to reschedule. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

    Angiee Daigle
    July 16, 2021

    This clinic is amazing I went here because at the time I was on transfer leave and I didn’t have a medical facility to go to or get a referral to one. First time I went in I explained the lower back issues I had. They took X-rays, examined them and explained what exactly happened to that area of my back. I been there for over a year now and my back feels completely fine. The pitch I had was relieved after each session but the amount of treatment they had for me the first month helped out tremendously. I stopped feeling any discomfort after about a month and a half. Now I just do monthly treatments for follow ups and further care of that area. Thank y’all again for the kindness and help I received from the clinic keep up the good work!

    Tiffany Brown
    May 30, 2021

    So glad my coworker told me about this place. Was in need of a chiropractor but scared of a chiropractor at the same time. She said they used a machine to adjust you. Long story short I love this practice. All the doctors and staff are amazing. First doc I met was Dr. Hollingshead. Very kind, patient, and explains everything that will happen thoroughly. It’s a slow process but I can feel the difference! Love it!

    Bill Gorcica
    June 07, 2021

    The Chiropractors there really know what they are doing. They take excellent care of their patients. The office staff are very courteous and helpful as well. I would HIGHLY recommend to anybody to go there for their chiropractic needs

    Pete Ayala
    July 17, 2021

    I love the staff. The doctors are great. Dr. H is my primary, but Dr. Maggio is fantastic and I'm happy to see either one. They have another doctor, but I've not been treated by him. He seems really nice and his patients always look happy, as well. The place is very clean. During the pandemic restrictions, they stuck to everything and made patients feel very well protected. Now that restrictions have been cut back, they are opened up, but still have plenty of hand sani and keep everything very clean, as I'm sure they did before March 2020. My only beef is the expense, and it's not against this place in particular, but Chiropractics in general. As a school teacher, you'd think this would be covered, since we're on our feet all day and our coverage options already suck to begin with. You'd think they'd lump in Chiropractors and give us a discount, since I know so many teachers who, like me, don't make a lot but pay for these services to get them through the week. If it were half the price it is now, I'd probably be going once a week instead of once a month. $55 for one session or $110 for 4? I'd gladly shell out the extra coin for a once a week visit. Anyway, if you're achy/in pain from chronic issues due to your job, give them a shot. Prepaying gives a small but helpful discount.

    ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic

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    525 S Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, USA

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